List and Evaluate 3 Sources For Each Side

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The information on this website seems to be very knowledgeable and useful. All the knowledge comes from which is a website where students can find money and colleges can find you. I’m not sure how useful they would be on having an opinion of working while in college though.

This article comes from which is not a very reliable website to me because the website consists of articles from numerous people. I don’t think this works well because everyone has their own opinion and this article could just have the author’s opinion. It doesn’t state where the information came from so that can only lead me to thinking that. His article does however give his own personal opinion from his own experiences which I think is good.

This article is from Reynolds Writing which is just on a Hub Page. He is a free-lance writer, internet  junkie, and business leader living and working in the Boston, MA area which makes me know that his information isn’t from an “expert.” He also has a fan club which is not good to me and you can sign up for it through his articles.

This website seems to be pretty reliable because it comes from Meta-Education. It is an education resource for prospective and veteran students. It isn’t a very long article though so that makes me question the website.

I really like this website because it allows me to see views from other students through a blog. People get to comment on the blog their own opinion which allows me to see the view of numerous people and opens my eyes to numerous thoughts. Although it isn’t from top notch people that know everything and advise others, I think this website is great.

This website comes from eHow Family which is for parenting, moms, and education prospects. It is specifically by Katherine Bradley, eHow Contributor. Looking into it more though, it looks reliable because the related topics are MLA format and others which are very knowledgeable. Some of the words at the top of the page show that it is a reliable website as well.

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