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The common perception that many people think about the PNC Big 33 Football Classic is that it is an All-Star Football Games showcasing thirty three of Pennsylvania and Ohio‘s outstanding high school athletes. However, I don’t agree with this common perception because there are actually thirty four players, not thirty three. Many people don’t know that while the game was originally played with the best 33 players in each state (hence its name), the organizers added a 34th player to give kickers a chance to be separate of the 33 count as to give one more non-kicker a chance to be named to the Big 33.

Many people consider this game as a huge deal to high school senior football players and if you are selected to play in the game, you are truly blessed. I completely agree with this perception because the football players that are selected are truly outstanding football players. Almost all of the selected Big 33 players have full scholarships to D1 schools, including Penn State, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh University, to play football in the fall following the game. I also agree with this perception because several of the players that participate in the Big 33 go on to play in the National Football League (NFL).  Further more, there has never been a Super Bowl without a former Big 33 player participating in it.

Many people think that this classic promotes excellence in students and the community by involving players, cheerleaders, buddies, host families, and scholarship winners in a variety of activities during game week. If you ask anyone around central PA, the main thing they think of when they think of the Big 33 besides the football players, are the special needs buddies. The Big 33 incorporates the special needs buddies throughout game week in central PA with hospital visits, team lunches, camps, and more. However, controversy occurs with the use of special needs buddies. Many people believe that the Big 33 is one hundred percent beneficial to the buddies while others believe that there are negative effects. I personally do agree with the people that believe the Big 33 is one hundred percent beneficial to the buddies.

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