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* THE BIG 33*

1. What do I already Know?

Football game played in June each summer at Hershey Park Stadium

Includes football players, cheerleaders, special needs children, staff, host families, etc

  • Football players must be selected by a committee
  • 33 of the best football players from Ohio vs. 33 the best football players from PA
  • To be selected you must truly be the best of you senior class
  • Only seniors are allowed to participate
  • 95% of those selected already have scholarships to D1 schools

Cheerleaders attend a tryout and must be picked from the group that tryout

  • You must be invited to the try out and both genders are allowed
  • Tryouts last two days long where you must learn several things in a short amount of time such as a cheer, dance, and several chants
  • A maximum of 4 cheerleaders from the same school are allowed

All special needs children are invited to attend and participate

  • Doesn’t matter on the disability
  • They participate in different activities and numerous times throughout the week

All football players stay at a host family the week of the Big 33

  • Doesn’t matter where you are from
  • Host families are rich families that donate to the Big 33 each year

Practice for the cheerleaders and football players only last one week

  • Days are long, very long and tiring
  • Practice is outside in the sun
  • Forming a team bond in such a short time is the number one thing

All football players, cheerleaders, and buddies attend daily special events such as picnics, Hershey park, team bonding activities, pictures, and the banquet

  • Each buddy gets to select a football player or cheerleader to spend the week with and interact with
  • Pictures are taken of the special needs buddy and their buddy
  • Football player buddies get to play football with their player
  • Cheerleader buddies get to learn chants and go up in stunts
  • All buddies get to eat lunch with the football teams and parents

Hershey Park is the night before the banquet (Thursday)

  • Cheerleaders and football players get to hang out with each other
  • It’s time where they can have fun and not be focused on the game
  • Coaches attend Hershey Park as well but not parents or buddies

Team Bonding

  • Both football teams have activities at night
  • Some serious things like meetings every night
  • Fun activities too like an arcade, pizza, laser tag, etc happens Wednesday night

The Banquet

  • Held the night before the game in the Hershey Lodge
  • Hundreds of people attend including the game host (a NFL player), both football teams and cheerleading teams, the coaches, families, and news broadcasters
  • An introduction of the PA team and Ohio team including the coaches, football players, and cheerleaders are given in front of everyone
  • The two special needs children spokesperson give a speech as well
  • Dinner is served to everyone and more

2. What Do I Need to Find Out?

How does the week affect the football players and special need buddies individually?

Special needs buddies- Is this a good or bad idea?

3. Reserach Question

 In what ways does the incorporation of special needs children during the week of Big 33 help the Big 33 and how does it help and affect the special needs children and everyone else involved?

 4. What Else Do I Need to Find Out?

How it came about?

Who founded it and why was it created?

Does it affect the community? How?

Why only 33 football players for each side? Enough players? Too many?

How are the special needs buddies involved specifically?

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