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“Vatican slams Harry Potter”

  1. Immensly popular- Stating that a lot of people are involved and/or affected from it
  2. Expert in English Literature- Expert meaning that he/she knows what they are talking about so we should listen and follow what they are saying. It’s like they can’t be wrong and we can’t have our own opinions
  3. Highest person has fears (Pope)- We should have fears because he does and since he is the highest, it’s the “right” thing fear
  4. Direct quotation from Cordinal- Direct quotations means that it is important
  5. Seperation with someone that you can trust and also someone that you can’t trust

“Harry Potter and the incredibly positive review from the official Vatican paper”

  1. Headed prise- Clear direction of everything which is good because it is positive
  2. Clear direction- Know exactly what is happening and it means such as the eternal battle between good and evil
  3. There is a clear line of demarcation between good and evil. The film makes clear that good is right
  4. Adolescent romance- Acknowledges that yes, it happens which is great for society but it also shows that it doesnt go too far which is a good example to adolescents as well
  5. Best adaptaion- Shows a mixture of supernatural suspense and romance which reaches the right balance

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  1. 10/10

    good work

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